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The Monnaie de Paris is a government-owned institution responsible for producing France's coins. Founded in AD 864 with the Edict of Pistres, it is the world's oldest continuously running minting institution.

THE MONNAIE DE PARIS (PARIS Mint) was established on June 25, 864 by Charles the Bald, Carolingian king of France. At more than 1,150 years old, it is not only the oldest official institution in France but also the world’s oldest continuously-operating mint. The current headquarters of the mint are located in the Hôtel des Monnaies, a building that was designed by architect Jacques Denis Antoine and completed in 1775. Although its architectural grandeur was largely praised, some criticized that its magnificent, Neoclassical façade did not match its position as a coining workshop. The mint’s earlier home was built in 1358 and stayed in use until 1879.

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